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My paper is on the Queen performance at Wembley Stadium, when Freddie Mercury delivered the performance of a lifetime on July 13, 1985. The instructions for the paper are below. This needs to be 3 pages (not including the works cited page) essay, double-paced in Times New Roman font.

Paper Guidelines

In an essay of at least three pages, present and defend a clearly articulated thesis regarding the cultural significance and meaning of a musical work or documented performance in the period or culture(s)examined in the course.

Additional research outside of the textbook about the music and its composer and/or performer will be necessary to complete this assignment.

The essay should be organized around a central thesis that is clearly stated in the introduction.

The essay should integrate the following issues and material into the development of this thesis:

1. Identify a cultural theme or value exemplified by the work or documented performance you have chosen, and link this theme or value to the sociopolitical context in which this music was produced. Why is this theme or value of relevance to the production of this music?

2. Who composed or produced the work or performance? Describe at least three important aspects of the social and cultural environment in which the

musician(s) worked.

3. Define at least three important aspects of the style of this musical practice. In broad terms, how does this work or performance reflect the cultural, aesthetic, and/or political values of the period or culture in which it was produced?

4. What is the genre of the work or performance? What are the basic characteristics and historical background of this genre? What kinds of expectations might audience members have had when encountering a new work or performance in this genre?

5. Select at least one movement or extended section of the work or performance and describe its distinctive stylistic, dramatic, and/or formal aspects as they relate to the cultural and aesthetic values of the period or culture.

6. Which aspects of the performance or recording were particularly effective (or ineffective) at conveying the cultural significance or meaning of the work as you have explained it?

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Queen’s Performance at the Wembley Stadium: Freddie Mercury delivers the performance of a lifetime
The performance of Queen in Wembley Stadium on July 13 1985, has been marked in history
books as one of the most remarkable musical performances ever. This is because the lead vocalist in the
rock band, Freddie Mercury, led the audience of almost 72,000 people into a breathtaking that brought
the house down. Some of the iconic songs which Queen performed on the stage on that day include the
‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, ‘Radio Ga Ga’, ‘Hammer of fall’, ‘Crazy little thing called love’, and ‘We will
rock you’. Furthermore, the climax of Queen’s performance was accentuated by the final song, ‘We are
the champions’ (Brown, 1). The statement made during this performance was based on enchanting the
audience through the cultural values that they held. As such, the performance was inherent to the values
of love, togetherness and peace— aspects that people strongly believed in during the time of the
performance. This paper analyzes the concept behind this performance, the underlying themes and the
cultural values that it promoted among the audience.
The most noteworthy theme during ...

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