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For your assignment I want you suppose you work as the social media manager for the restaurant chain Best Burger. One day while scanning posts about your company, you see that someone on Twitter posted three very negative comments about Best Burger. The comments were as follows:

Tweet 1: Best Burger is the WORST restaurant EVER!!! #nevereathere

Tweet 2: Best Burger’s food tastes like cardboard. It isn’t even real food

Tweet 3: Best Burger is not worth the price. They use dog food to make their hamburgers.

Assuming that Best Burger thinks its hamburgers are great and that the do not use dog food to make them, are any of these comments subject to defamation laws? Why or why not? Write a two-page paper regarding your answer.

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There is a need to limit the usage of words since they can build or harm an individual's
reputation. An individual could be a natural person or a corporate body, all of which is subjected
to unproven falsehoods that could face undue disrespect. Defamation laws are there to safeguard
and restore respect should irresponsible use of words robe one of their reputations.
Defamation is a statement that injures someone's reputation and is usually propagated in
two major forms; slander which is the oral communication of falsehoods against someone and
libel which is written or recorded information that hurts someone's reputation which would
include comments made on social media. In Best Burger's c...

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