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here is your home assignment for this week:

1. Create a basic exercise program for 3 days ( one week, MWF for example) for EITHER an older adult, children ( 6-12 years old) or a female athlete ( specify sport).

2. You will email me the assignment in a excel format including : Exercise, sets, reps, percentage or feeling (0-10 scale).

3. Here is a great website source for this assignment and for future:

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Work Out Program
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Work-Out Program for A young Adult (35-40 years)
Physical exercises are crucial in improving the fitness level and the overall health status
of an individual because of numerous benefits. It helps in reducing a person's risk of heart attack,
lowering the blood cholesterol level, lowering blood pressure, and enabling the person to manage
his weight better (Golubović, Milu...

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