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"Leadership Theory and Models of Leadership in Sport"

(Due Sunday by midnight at the end of week 3)

  • This month you are to write a 1200 word research paper on leadership theory and models in sport.
  • This paper is worth 15% of your grade.
  • Please use the APA format and cite at least four (4) sources. I have guidelines on using the APA format and citing sources attached here for you.

Follow the directions below for a step-by-step process.

Assignment Requirements (Use as a checklist):

  • Use a 12 pt. Arial or Times New Roman Font
  • Double-space your paper
  • Minimum of 1200 words. No more than 2000 words
  • Minimum of four (4) cited sources
  • Use APA format and parenthetical citations right after cited material
  • Make sure your name is on your paper
  • Include a title page and a works cited page (no abstract needed) & word count
  • Paper should contain an introduction, a body, and a good conclusion

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The sports sector involves interrelationships between players, coaches, and staff.
Leadership refers to the process that facilitates coherence within a group to facilitate the
achievement of set objectives. Similarly, there is a need for the implementation of leadership
models to enhance coordination. Leadership in sports management can be defined through the
use of models. The leadership theories aid in the description of the significance of leadership in
the motivation of team members. The models also explain the essence of the sports leaders in the
overall performance of a team (McCaughan, & Loughead, 2019). Similarly, leadership theories
explain the measures that are applied by team leaders to gain an advantage in the competitive
field of sports. Thus, during the formulation of the team objectives, the leader must ensure
satisfaction among the members.
Similarly, the selection of team leaders may involve both formal and informal processes.
Formal leadership consists of the appointment of the leader through organizational policies.
On the other hand, informal leaders are selected through the observation of qualities as a result of
the relationships that develop during matches and training sessions. As such, formal leadership
focuses on the roles designated to the team coaches, managers, and captains. Equally, the group
of leaders focuses on the performance of specific responsibilities within the sports entity.
Informal leadership, on the other hand, focuses on the sharing of team roles to enhance success.
As such, the leadership approach is based on skills and the competitive ability of the team
members. Thus, sports leadership plays a significant role in achieving team success.
Transformational Leadership Model
Transformational leadership involves the utilization of strategies that lead to change
among the team members. As such, the team leader focuses on the long-term success of the



group. For instance, in the new sports domain, the multicultural co...

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