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Should be limited to two (2) single-spaced pages but more than one page. The summary should focus on recommending a specific course of action to upper management. What should management have done and what should they do?

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Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Executive Summary

The Fukushima plant is owned by the Tokyo Electric Power Company. The event in 2011
has revived the debate on safety concerns. One of the dilemmas arising from the incident is
whether the risks could be managed by effective predictive techniques or the downsides are so
much that power is not worth the risk. Incidents before the Fukushima incident include the Three
Mile Island and Chernobyl during 1979 and 1986 respectively. Both incidents could have been
prevented as design flaws and operator errors contributed to the problems. For the Fukushima
plant, the insights are similar to best practices in engineering design and operations management
could have contributes to better outcomes.

The accident was triggered by the largest earthquake in the history of the nation. Though
it seems the incident is an act of nature, deeper in...

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