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I’m trying to learn for my Literature class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Essay Test due Friday, March 27, 2020

Oedipus & Antigone, pps. 681-756
Aristotleâ??s Poetics, pps. 1102-1106

We have covered Oedipus in class and most of Antigone in class, as well. You
should have received notes via email (or published on Canvas) concerning your
text'ss abridged version of Poetics, along with some added notes from me.
Obviously, the nature of a test has changed because we are online for the rest
of the semester. It is important that you keep up with my notes and your
reading per the syllabus. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

OK. Test no.3 will be essay. I am looking forward to an expanded, in-depth,
honest effort from you that reveals your complete understanding of the above
assignments over the last few weeks. No short cuts, please. No generalities. I
will have on to detect any plagiarism. But due to the nature of
this test, I donâ??t expect any plagiarism.

Write a three-five page essay on your understanding of Tragedy, what components
make it work, what determines the quality of it, why Tragedy is considered the
greatest form of art. Do you agree it is the greatest form of art? The closest
to the human condition? Why or Why not? Of the heroes given to us in the above
works, which do you think is the greater one? Why?
Essay is due Friday, March 27. In case there is a problem with

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Final Answer

Hello there,I hope you are having an awesome day. I just finished your requested work. I tried to follow your professor's request in order to make sure that everything is included. As you will be able to see, I avoided using sophisticated words in order to meet your demands. Let me shortly show you what his paper contains and how it meets your request:The paper starts with an introduction to the topic explaining the importance of tragedy. I continued by expressing Aristotle's point of view on this subject and how he defines the idea of tragedy. In the following paragraphs, I provided by Oedipus and Antigone are both considered tragic literature pieces. After that, I discussed the components of tragic literature and how they apply to the two plays. I continued by shortly describing the two characters and what makes them true heroes. Before the end, I also discussed more my favorite tragic hero which is the major character from Antigone. Nevertheless, I continued by stating why tragic literature is the supreme form of literature.I understand how important it is to deliver original papers. Based on the plagiarism report, the essay is fully original. I always strive to deliver quality work right on time.It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope I will have the chance to offer my assistance in the near future too.

This file is intended for personal use. It does not represent the file that should be sent to the professor. Its only role
is to highlight general information about the paper or add any additional ones which were unsuitable for the essay
but might help the student have a better understanding of the topic.

1.General Information About the Paper
File Name: Tragedy Literature: Oedipus and Antihone
Format: APA
Type : Essay
Number of Words: 1514 words
Pages: 6 pages (1 cover page + 4 content page + 1 reference page)
Subject: Literature
References: Yes
In text citation: Yes

*The guideline given by your professor was correctly followed
*All the questions requested were answered and were included in the paper with
the suitable references.

Tragedy Literature


Tragedy Literature: Oedipus and Antigone
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