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You are to pick a "current topic" to write about that is specific to information systems (something tied to what we have learned in the class). Choose something that is interesting to you. For example, I had a student that was very interested in the World Cup, he did his paper on the information systems that were used to support the World Cup.

Paper requirements:

  • 3 full pages of content plus 1 reference page
    • The first line of the first page may be used for a title, the second line should start your first paragraph
    • The footer of the page should have your first and last name
    • The third page must have more than 3/4 of content on it
    • The fourth page should have your references, at least three are needed; follow APA format for your references
    • References do not need to be scholarly articles; you may use news articles, online articles, etc.
  • Double-spaced
  • 12-point font, Times New Roman
  • 1" margins
  • Paper should be free of punctuation and grammar errors

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Hi👋The paper complete as per the instructions, if you need any revisions kindly lemme know.As always its being a pleasure, thank you and goodbye for now 😊


Information Systems in Healthcare:
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Information Systems in Healthcare
The healthcare system has advanced tremendously over the past decade as a result of the
adoption of information management systems. This paper will focus on how information systems,
such as the use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has impacted the healthcare sector. With
significant developments happening in the field of technology and data management, it has become
inevitable for the healthcare sector to adopt information systems. The use of information
management systems in healthcare has immense benefits in terms of improving the quality of care.
The use of information systems in healthcare involves the collection and storage of
organized patients’ data, which can then be used when making important decisions n the future. In
the management level, healthcare information systems are used to coordinate all activities that take
place in a healthcare system. Healthcare management information systems have improved the
quality of care provided to patients at the clinical level as well as at the national level (Fuji et al.,
2008). The use of information systems has also greatly enhanced the research field in healthcare.
Using the tradi...

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