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Recently, a new employee has felt poorly communicated to by management as to whether they will become a permanent employee and remain seasonal. As part of the companies’ transparency initiative with U.S. labor relations for employees and unions your manager has asked you:

  • Create a summary for corporations detailing the present-day pressures on the U.S. labor relations.
  • Create a summary for labor unions detailing the present-day pressures on the U.S. labor relations.
  • Finally, as part of your collective bargaining process, develop a list you would intend to use when you meet with management as to why you should be hired as a full-time employee.

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Labor Relations
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Labor Relations
Present Day Pressures on Labor Relations
US labor relations were theoretically covered by labor legislation to encourage
productivity through preventing protests, fairness, and no abuse of expression when making
decisions. U.S. industrial ties have to be preserved to facilitate performance. Under
administration, the competitiveness in jobs and security are two main issues (Hagedorn et al.,
2016). Flexibility at the workplace involves problems such as operating hours, shift work, and
leave compensation, which present several obstacles for management.
Contract problem has impeded productivity development because contracts are lengthy
and extensive, which has impacted stability and workforce participation. Globalization often
renders the labor legislation of today obsolete, as it has never covered workers and personnel
from and to other areas of the world, and has put management and jobs in and beyond the nation
in the face of tremendous rivalry and so specific bureaucratic criteria have to do with a job.
Robust dialogue, deriving from problem-solving, is needed to ensure efficient and successful
agreements, allowing managers, managers, and workers to improve productivity, wealth, and
functional language (Ehrenberg...

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