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Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Globally Harmonized System GHS Presentation

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

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• Training Module – Develop a training module on a selected topic from the course to train and educate the class.

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My topic: Globally Harmonized System GHS


- use APA6 style

- provide great information but in a simple way to understand for the audit

- use pictures in the presentation.

- in every slide, use notes below to help me out when I present the slide.

- no more than 15 slides.

- create an objectives slide.

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Final Answer


Globally Harmonized System GHS


Globally Harmonized System GHS is an approach that is used in the classification and
labelling of chemicals.

This is important by the use of the standards and frameworks that are used to help
individuals reduce chances of making mistakes or confusing.

GHS enhances safety when dealing with hazardous substances and materials.

There are guiding principles that are followed when labeling according to the GHS.

Scope of GHS Coverage

Cover industrial chemicals, consumer

chemical products, and pesticides.

Transport and wo...

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