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Draft Proposal

You are free to select any one of our weekly topics: (1) Why Philosophy? (2) What is Real? (3) Do We Have A Self? (4) Does God Exist? (5) How Do We Know? (6) What is Truth? (7) What is Justice? (8) What is the Good Life? You are also welcome to entertain the question of Aesthetics, specifically, the role of art in society.

You are required to stick to primary references that are scholarly. Primary references are references where the author presents their own view in their own voice. That means if you wish to analyze Plato's theory of justice then you must read Plato. If you wish to analyze John Locke's epistemology then you must read John Locke. In short, no encyclopedias, wikipedias, or secondary sources including our text. Your job is to present and defend your own position on an issue, not re-present the views of someone else. It should go without saying, this also means you should not go into a topic with your mind already made up. That's not philosophy. That's confirmation-bias.

Your draft proposal can be brief. It mainly needs to contain a description of the topic you have selected for your final Critical Essay along with a list of references. [Please no outlines with partial phrases and terms. This proposal needs to be couched in terms of complete sentences.] At this point, you may not know precisely what you will argue but try to be as specific as you can about the direction you are headed.

  • My advice is to select two philosophers whose views on a topic of your choice are opposed.
  • Then work your way in-between the different positions and make an original contribution to the topic by synthesizing the better parts of the two.
  • If you wish to provide a critique of the stance of just one philosopher, this is also an acceptable project.
  • In that case only one primary reference is perfectly acceptable.

Draft Proposal Rubric:

  • 15 Points for Proposal (project description with explanation of how you plan to proceed);
  • 15 Points for APA-formatted primary references and writing mechanics, e.g., attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation;

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Draft Proposal: Critique of John Locke’s Justice
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Draft Proposal: Critique of John Locke’s Justice
Project Description
Some moral problems are often intricately bound up with several arguments of social
thinkers and theorists. While these problems might be framed in different ways and could or
could not be overtly treated, they are however, inherent in the arguments. In specific theories, an
attempt is made in identifying such moral issues and isolating them from economic or political
arguments. From here, dilemmas can be determined and cast in the form of theories or principles
in some virtuously theoretical frameworks. Nevertheless, some moral issues are also the grounds
for inconsistent claims in the increasingly-changing diatribes among opposing economic as well
as political clusters. It is often necessary that such dilemmas are handled directly and
unequivocally at the onset and every level of the argument.
The particular dilemma that this critical paper proposes to examine is one of the several
central moral issues that can be expressed in any one of severa...

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