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Today, there is a great multitude and varieties of new products available in stores and online, from which consumers can choose. Think about the new products you've seen in the past two or three years, then choose a new product from any category.


1. How would you define the attributes and benefits of the chosen product?

2. Define the core, actual, and augmented product benefits.

3. Briefly describe the steps in the new product development process.

4. Each product will have a life cycle, although its exact shape and length are not known in advance. Explain each step in the PLC.

5. What are the dimensions upon which a company manages its product portfolio?

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Question 1
VersionTech portable blender and travel juicer is a product invented by VersionTech. Inc.
the product is a small innovation built like a full blender even though it cannot be compared in
terms of performance. The product is crucial since you can travel with it and make natural juice
on your own. Its bottle is modified in the same way as a water bottle; hence can fit a small bag
pack. The product has a lot of benefits to its users. First, the blender will produce natural juice free
from a chemical that can damage your health. Besides, the product is easy to use; this can be used
by everyone regardless of age. A fresh, natural juice ensures an instant quench of thirst.
Question 2
The core benefit of VersionTech portable blender and travel juicer is to quench a person...

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