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THE ASSIGNMENT: Students will research their state’s court structure and write a paper responding to the statements and questions provided below:

HELPFUL HINT: One place to locate charts: (Links to an external site.)

Locate the court structure chart for (1) the State of Indiana and (2) the State of Alaska by researching. Make a copy of those charts to submit as part of your assignment. Using the chart as a reference, respond to the following questions:

  • What are the four layers of the typical state court system? Briefly explain each.
  • Compare the charts for Alaska and Indiana to those in Figures 3.1 and 3.2 (pages 94 - 95 in our textbook). How unified is Indiana’s court structure? How unified is Alaska’s court structure? Support your response!
  • Looking at the Indiana court chart, which of those courts are courts of limited jurisdiction and which courts are general jurisdiction courts? Be specific!

THE PURPOSE: Promote understanding of the diversity of different state court systems and articulate the differences between more and less unified systems.

THE PAPER: Here are the minimum requirements::

  • Cover page: In the following identifiers: Student’s name, Course Name, Assignment number and name, Instructor’s name, Date.
  • Header: Single-spaced, aligned to the right.
  • Body of the paper: Double-spaced.
  • Font: 12-point font, Times New Roman or Arial, black print.
  • Paper length: No minimum length.
  • Sources: Cited both within the body of the paper and in a Works Cited page.

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