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CMN 650W UNH The Grizzly Man & Heaven Is a Traffic Jam Review & Analysis Discussion

CMN 650W

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"Grizzly Man" (Links to an external site.)

Free on Tubi and Vudu,

"Grey Gardens", (Links to an external site.)

"Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405" (Links to an external site.)

"Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control" (Links to an external site.)

I. Chose two of the four films. Write a detailed review for both of your choices. Include within the review whether you think the film was an exploration or exploitation, or a combination of both, and why, citing specific moments from the film to support your position.

II. Generally people tend to feel that a production which they perceive as exploitative is an attempt by the producers to either exploit the subject(s) of the film, or exploit the viewers, or both. Summarize a media production that you viewed, read, etc. recently, which you feel was exploitative in its nature. Why do you feel the producers were attempting to be exploitative?

Paper is due via email by classtime, 4/6/20.

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Running head: FILM

Exploitive and Explorative Films


Movie Review: The Grizzly Man
The Grizzly man remains one of the most intriguing documentaries to have graced the
movie streets. It is the story of Timothy Treadwell who spends most of his adult life, taking care
of and protecting bears. The documentary contains snippets from more than 100 hours of video
shot by Treadwell during his last several summers with the bears (Noys, 2007). He talks about
his life with the bears and shows the audience how he communicates with them. The movie
shows a passionate man, one who is willing to sacrifice his life so that he can save the bears.
However, he is also ware of the tragedy that would happen if he made a wrong move. The
grizzlies would tear him down and end his life, just with one wrong move. In the documentary,
Treadwell names the bears with affectionate names, and he is seen to have devised a way to
protect himself from the bears. When a bear approaches him planning to launch an attack on

Treadwell, he stands tall and puffs his chest and tells the bear, “Don’t you do that (Noys, 2007).”
The communication that Treadwell has with the bears perhaps is the most intriguing part
of the movie. However, the beauty that he has enjoyed for years becomes his downfall, as he and
his girlfriend are mauled to death, but one of the bears they have befriended for so long. His
story is that of a passionate man, but with a very tragic ending. Perhaps this is nature’s way of
telling the audience to stick to their lanes and not be so...

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