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Choose a topic in which you explore an issue related to medical education, practice, research, policy, etc. that emanates from the required readings for this course. Students should also indicate whom they have chosen to interview (and his or her credentials) as one of the five required sources for this Research Project. Students will be provided with suggested questions for their Interviews with Health Care Professionals, which they may use as they deem appropriate.

The Research Essay (following MLA specifications for citations and a Works Cited list) of approximately 1,500 words on the topic that you have chosen for your Research Project. Be sure to include at least five related, reliable, and retrievable sources, including your reference to an interview that you have conducted with a health care professional.

Students are required to interview a health care professional, such as the following: a physician; medical researcher; bio-ethicist; university-level educator who teaches courses related to health care, medical policy, or the history of medicine; or an individual who deals with health care policy.

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Surname 1
Global Health Security
To complete my research paper, I interviewed Mr. Steve Johnson, who works with the
human services agency at Better Healthcare in California. The primary questions through the
interview will be related to issues of global health security and the issues affecting its efficiency
and the possible solutions. Bearing in mind there are numerous issues related to healthcare
security failures, it will be an educative session. The interview took place in his office since he
was not attending to any patients at the time.
To get a better understanding of what global health security is, let us start with the
definition of what health is. Everyone, including yourself, requires quality healthcare. There are
standards or measures that have been set by your community or even country, which ensures
everyone around you gets better healthcare. That is the same case with global health security,
whereby international organizations like World Health Organizations have come together to
ensure they give better and quality healthcare to the world. There are different measures that
have been put across and which are being implemented to ensure there is equitable distribution
of healthcare facilities. However, as you may know, there are different levels of countries from
the developed to the developing. All these countries require quality healthcare, but the
distribution of resources is not the same. There are those with more and better resources, which

Surname 2
means they will have better healthcare compared to the developing countries. The World Health
Organization, however, works at its best to ensure they give an equal distribution of healthcare
resources (Bradbury-Jones, 2017). They are always on the move to ensure they give the best so
that everyone in the world will get quality healthcare.
The issue of global healthcare security now comes in where countries need to be ready to
deal with different health issues when ...

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