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DU Target Market Aspects Price Demand Market Availability & Income Discussion

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Hello there, i need help to find a detailed target market for my company project. My company project is>> The business aims to reduce clothing waste and recycle its old products to provide shoes to those in need. The shoes will be very eco friendly and will be very customizable (think being able to customize a pair of boots then being able to turn that boot into a high heeled boot by changing out different pieces of the shoe). The product will be probably be intended for an environmentally conscious customer who has a higher disposable income.

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DU Target Market Aspects Price Demand Market Availability & Income Discussion
DU Target Market Aspects Price Demand Market Availability & Income Discussion

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Target Market
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Target Market
The determination of a target market involves the consideration of aspects such as price,
demand, market availability, and income. Price is an essential factor in determining the target
market since the primary aim of a business is to make profits. In this perspective, a company
ought to select its target market based on people's ability to purchase its items at the stated price.
Due to the complexity of shoes produced by the company, the factor leads to an increase in price.
According to statistics, the average price of women shoes in the United States (US) is $85, a
factor that leads to the assumption that the shoes will cost at a slightly higher price than the
average. This means that the buyers must have a high disposable income to allow for favorable
purchase decisions. On average most people in the Northwest regions earn a salary of between
$25,000 to $75,000. As salaries increase, disposable income rises hence allowing people to buy
more (Macht, 2019). In this perspective, the company begins by establishing its target market as
currently employed people in the country.
After defining the firs...

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