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MGT 424 SEU Quality Management DMAIC & Six Sigma Project Essay

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    College of Administrative and Financial Sciences
    Assignment 2
    Quality Management (MGT424)

    Course Name: Quality Management

    Student’s Name:

    Course Code: MGT424

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    Semester: II

    Academic Year: 1440/1441 H

    College of Administrative and Financial Sciences
    DMAIC / Six-Sigma Project
    DMAIC/Six-Sigma Project is a useful model in discussing, elaborating, and evaluating all
    the items and aspects of quality management project (De Mast & Lokkerbol, 2012). The
    DMAIC/Six-Sigma brings recommendations of five steps. The five phases are the define phase,
    measure phase, analysis phase, improve/design stage, control stage. The term triple constraint is
    heard several in the management of a project. 88% of C-set directors agreed that the strategic
    configuration of a project is essential to the success of management. It is of considerable
    significance to remember that only clients determine the quality level when applying overall
    quality management. Staff members are internal customers of the company. The involvement of
    employees in the organizational service development determines the service quality (Kumar &
    Sosnoski, 2009). Quality management thus can be used in invoicing processes in ensuring that the
    customers get quality services and products. Only 61 percent of the companies are aware of the
    challenges in bridging the daily implementation and strategy gap. The triple constraint is the act
    of balancing time, cost, and quality used in the management of a project. Managers of any project
    must ensure that the project scope is managed within the time, quality, and cost limits determined
    by firms at the beginning. This can be one of the portentous tasks, reflecting several external or
    internal aspects that can cause a rapid change to one of these three elements in an objectionable
    way. Some questions must be addressed in the starting phases to deteriorate these risks (Ganguly,
    2012). As stated earlier, the DMAIC/Six-Sigma ensuring the configuration of the objectives of the
    strategies are the capable high execution teams that implement the effective strategy as well as
    forming substantial values.

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