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Prepare a 3 to 5 page critical essay that addresses the following topic:

Compare and contrast the management philosophies of any TWO of the following theorists from Group 1: Drucker, Blanchard, Deming, Porter, Collins WITH any TWO of the following theorists from Group 2: Follett, Minztberg, Weber, Taylor

You may use the same two sets of TWO each of the theorists' philosophies you identified in the Module 1 assignment for this Compare and Contrast assignment.

Note that you must compare two from the first group WITH two from the second group. You should not compare two from a group with each other.

Your assignment will be evaluated with the Writing Assessment and Evaluation rubric.

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Management Philosophy
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Management Philosophy
Peter Drucker
Various past management theorists created concepts that oppose current management
styles. But Peter Drucker emerged as the pioneer of contemporary management, coined a theory
that is still used currently. Drucker stated that managers should be leaders. He advocated for a
collaborative approach, a more flexible instead of setting strict hours and discouraging
innovation. He acknowledged knowledge work, decentralization, SMART process and
management by objective (Rao, 2017). Drucker’s ideas were novel at the time and they have
turned to be standards of business thought. In his idea of simplification and decentralization, he
discounted the control approach and command and stressed that organizations perform well

when they are decentralized. He stated that corporations tend to manufacture too many products,
hiring excess workers when they could outsource and grow into economic areas that they should
avoid. In his 1959 book, the landmark of tomorrow, explained the concept of knowledge worker.
Since then, the approach of knowledge-based work has turned to be a vital aspect of modern
business world. He also predicted the...

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