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This application assignment requires you to share a business related article from the past 6 months that describes your view of our assigned course topic(s) for the week. In other words, your view may explain the topic's effect, relevance, importance, non-significance, etc. in workplace behavior. This assignment should consist of three distinct paragraphs. In the first paragraph you will summarize the article you chose. In the second paragraph you will clearly identify and discuss the course topic(s) relevant to the article. In the third and final paragraph you should discuss your views about the topic and what the article stated.

It is imperative to choose a concept being covered in this module. It is also important not to copy material from other related assignments or directly from the article itself--use proper citations and rewrite important components into your own words. Concepts and verbatim material will receive a zero.

Current Event:

  • News story must be from a credible source within the last 6 months with appropriate citation.
  • Context must be provided on why the story is immediately relevant to the topics being covered.
  • Responses which are purely opinion and anecdotal are not considered to be substantive in nature.
  • Original news story from an external source plus one additional external source required

****Only 3 paragraphs needed. Any current event article can be used *****

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Current Event Application Assignment RUBRIC Discretion will be used for points that fall between the anchored values Points 0 4 8 Formatting 3 paragraphs with headings: Article Summary Course Topic Integration Views and Opinions Paragraphs are not separated, no headings Paragraphs were present but no headings Three paragraphs properly formatted WITH the required headings Language, Spelling, Grammar Poorly written and difficult to understand with numerous spelling and grammar errors Adequately written, but may be a bit ambiguous, some grammar or spelling errors Language is clear and concise with few, if any, errors Accurate Application of Course Concepts Content reflects limited understanding of the course concepts, applies concepts inaccurately Content reflects some understanding of the course concepts, mostly applies concepts accurately Content reflects full understanding of the course concept and applies the concept accurately Reasoned Implications and Conclusions Limited use of specific content and examples from course materials, do not support the ideas being developed Incorporates some specific content and examples but may not fully substantiate points and ideas Competently substantiates independent points and ideas Incorporated External Sources Primary article is from the last 6 months—Current! Only incorporates course resources, no external source used, lacking proper APA intext citations or references; primary older than 6 months Accurately incorporates 1 external source but no course resources are used, may be lacking in-text citation or reference Accurately incorporates 1 external resource PLUS course resources with proper in-text citations and references; main article within 6 months GRAND TOTAL: TOTAL ...
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The Impact of Coronavirus on the Workplace:
An Article Review

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The Impact of Coronavirus on the Workplace
The article I chose to review is titled, Working From Home: How Coronavirus Could
Affect the Workplace. It was posted to the NY Times website on March 1, and updated on March
9, by Tara Siegal Bernard. In it, it explains how companies are being affected by the
coronavirus, and what their response to their employees might be. She elaborates that many
workers in the United States are not as covered by sick leave as workers in developed nations
are, and that this might impact an employees’ thinking when it comes to going in to work, even
though they may not feel the best. She explains how the CDC has asked companies to
implement non punitive measures for workers, such as working from home or expanded sick
leave policies. She also touches on other questions workers may have, such as how an employer
may quarantine any worker who has traveled abroad, how an employer may ask you to wear a
mask at work, and whether or not an employer has an obligation to inform their employees if one
of their colleagues tested positive with the coronavirus.
There is no bigger topic in the world at the moment than the coronavirus. The impact it
is having, not just on physical health, but also the health of many companies and nations is
staggering. This article points out...

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