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In New York City on July 13, 1977, more than 9 million people went without power for 25 hours after lightning struck power lines upstate. An ineffective hazard plan resulted in city-wide looting, millions of dollars in destroyed businesses due to arsons, and over 3,700 arrests.

Using the South University Online Library, research this event and learn about the shortcomings in the response to the crisis.

Access a copy of your local community's hazard plan from your local office of emergency management website. In most cases, this function is handled by the county government. If your particular county does not make such a plan available, locate one from a nearby county. Use it as a guide to help you create a hazard plan to address a blackout incident in your city today. Include the following in your plan:

  • Determine the technical hazards that are covered in the plan.
  • Describe the measures you would take to address a city-wide blackout and other potential technical hazards.
  • Include procedures for communicating with the public.

Submit your plan in a three- to four-page Microsoft Word document.

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Hazard Response Plan for Charleston County
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Hazard Response Plan for Charleston County
Charleston County in South Carolina has a rich of blend of economic activity, social,
cultural and environment which makes it one of the popular counties in the country. The most
significant threats to Charleston are hurricanes, floods, tsunamis and tornadoes. Hazard
prevention strategies in Charleston mostly focus on natural events giving less attention to
technical hazards. Some natural hazards cause ripple effects which lead to technical hazards.
For instance, the lightning, a natural hazard struck power lines in upstate New York on the
13th of July 1977. This led to loses due to civil unrests throughout the city. This response plan
covers technical hazards that may be faced by Charleston County in the near future.
Technical Hazards Covered
The technical hazards covered in this plan include; dam failures, hazardous materials
infrastructure failure, building collapses and power outages.
1. Dam Failures
A dam is a structure built across a water body to regulate the flow of water on land.
Pinopolis on the Cooper River and Santee dam on Santee River are built to prevent excessive
spilling of water durin...

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