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As an astute social worker and professional policy advocate, you must be adept at identifying social problems that exist in your community or in an agency or organization with which you are acquainted. Once you have selected a social problem, you begin the process of creating and implementing a policy that addresses that social problem.

In this assignment, you identify and describe a current social problem. You also identify a policy created and implemented to address the problem. This is the first part of your Social Change Project final assignment.


Complete Part 1 of your Social Change Project.

Address the following items in a 3-4 page paper:

  • Describe a current social problem. How might this problem be incongruent with social work values/ethics?
  • How/when has this problem been identified historically, and what were the actions taken to address this concern?
  • How have the groups affected by this concern changed over time?
  • Describe the policy area related to this social problem.
  • Is the policy identified by your group dictated by local, state, or federal statute—or a combination thereof?
  • What are the different aspects of the policy?
  • How long has the current policy been in place?
  • Who supports and who opposes the policy?
  • What changes/amendments have been made to the policy?
  • Explain how this policy affects clients you might see in a clinical setting and why, as a clinical social worker, it would be important to advocate for change.

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Community Assessment
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Community Assessment

Part 1: Understanding the community
Over the past 20 years, our community has undergone numerous changes more so when it
comes to the population around and the races dominating. Over the last few years, the
community has experienced several industrial developments, which calls for more people to
work in the firms. Schools and other social amenities have also been built which means the
community will attract people. There are other business-related forums that are on the rise and
these has seen different people converge in the community to take advantage of the setup. One of
the major contributors of the social change however is the industrialization whereby
multinational businesses, organizations, and therefore human resources have shifted to our
region. It is a good move however since the community and the regions beyond are developing.
The living standards of the community have also improved whereby most of the youths and the
middle aged are employed. Though many youths prefer leaving the region for other cities, those
that remain at least have something to do. Different communities have therefore converged from
all walks of life. Despite the numerous benefits however, the issue of ethnic conflict has been
disturbing the peace in the community. In the past, the people who lived here came from the
same community. They shared the same beliefs and ideas, which has changed over the years. The
community is now composed of people from all over the world bringing different relig...

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