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Answer the question/writing prompt below. Your paragraph should be 6-8 sentences long. It should be specific. It must be typed with an MLA style heading. Use the document "Format Guide" to set up your assignment properly. The guide is for all writing assignments; the only exception is that for paragraphs you do not need a title. Just center "Paragraph 5" as the title. Remember to check the margins - they should be 1" all around. Also remember to review MLA and check your use of punctuation and formatting of direct quotations.

Discuss one theme in the novel, Flaming Iguanas and analyze it.


1) what visual elements (font, background, images, facial expressions, etc) help shape your reading of the theme.

Do not write phrases such as "Page 3 does y" or I picked pages 3,4,5". Instead, use formal analytical language and ( ) citations. IF you are working with a version without page numbers or locations, please just indicate the chapter number.

For example:

The theme of family unity is illustrated in several pages. The importance of family unity is portrayed through vivid expressions on the characters faces (Lopez Chapter 1).

The scene where the character X exclaims " " is a good example of how the theme is developed (Lopez Chapter 2).

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Personal Identity - Flaming Iguanas
Flaming Iguanas by Lopez incorporates sketches and the narration about Tomato
Rodriguez, a bisexual half-White Quaker, and half-Puerto Rican to illustrate the theme of
personal identity. Lopez uses drama in her appreciation of a somewhat severe feminist
perception, through diverse sections. Lopez expresses her view on this issue and says: “I don’t
feel white, gay, bise...

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