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Ch 10 Advanced Development

Ch 12 Engineering Design

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(((( 6 type of external interfaces that will require critical attention in subway

1-Air monitoring and ventilation

The confined space occupied by the underground subway system can accumulate the pollutants entering from the outside in addition to those generated within the system. Therefore, it is likely that the subway system in an area contains different types of hazardous pollutants. All underground installation is classified as gassy and requires enough ventilation to prevent accumulation of gases to an explosion level. Normal ventilation fans shall, even be designed for continuous operation

2- flood control

In principle, there are many ways of mitigating flood risk in subway to reduce or avoid possible impact of flooding, such as building levees and tidal barriers. Several measures apply directly to underground transport systems. For example, cities can install backup power for pump systems to reduce or avoid the potential for infrastructure damage when power outages occur, and clear flooded tunnels more quickly. Similarly, flood gates and raised entrances at stations could allow the underground transport system to continue operations even during floods. Or by new technology includes subway “plugs”, which look and work like big balloons. They can inflate in just a few minutes to help prevent water from entering underground tunnels. When not in use, the plug packs down to a small storage space in the tunnel, ready for remote, immediate inflation in an emergency. But for all this useful engineering, we do have to realize that there is no feasible way to provide total flood prevention and there will always be some risk of flooding. That means we need to become more resilient to flooding when it does occur through prevention, preparation and planning.

3- Emergency protective, including evacuation plan

In Subway construction we should be consider an area called a( safe stations ), in case of any emergency detected ,one of these stations will be the safest place in the subway .( mentioned in exercise English France tunnel)

4- fire prevention and protection

Underground passenger station should be equipped with a fare collection system and a fare collection control system. Local station control and monitoring shall be at the station fare collection control unit, and remote monitoring/ patron registering shall be by a data transmission interface cabinet

5- Illumination

by providing an atmosphere of relative comfort, pleasantness and cleanliness of surroundings, and a sense of personal safety and security. Lighting for passenger stations should be bright and cheerful, so all artwork illumination shall be approved by the architect.

6- The ground settlement during subway station construction in populous city areas is the most important factor that needs to be controlled ))))))

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A. Kossiakoff W. Sweet, S. Seymour, and S. Biemer. Systems Engineering Principles and Practice, Second Edition, Wiley, 2011. ISBN: 978-0-470-40548-2

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All American Career College Advanced Development  and Engineering Design Discussion

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Question 12.2
In the construction of a new sub-way system, it is essential to ensure that all the
important aspects with respect to its performance are considered. The following six external
interfaces are very critical in this case: the first type which I consider most critical is the
settlement plan. I consider this most important since in many urban areas, the type of
settlement would have a huge impact on the construction and performance of the sub-way
system. A second type of interface is lighting which influences the safety and security in the
passenger stations. In the design process, the architect has to approve of all the lighting
systems necessary to ensure that passengers are comfortable.
The third type of external interface is the response plan in case of emergency
situations. This would include plans for exit or evacuation. Essentially, the passengers are to
be informed where to go for safety in case of any emergency situation. The fourth type of
external interface is the protection m...

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