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For this essay you will write a 500-700 word (not including the heading and title) descriptive essay over a famous person from the 20th century. Try to describe their physical characteristics so that even though I have never met them, I can Google them to compare them to your descriptions. I must get a vivid picture of them in my head through your writing. Personality traits are fine, but you need to focus more on their physical traits.

For example the introduction and conclusion can be biography but the body of the essay (paragraphs 2-4) must focus on the physical traits. The goal is for me to see them from your descriptions--like a police sketch artist.

Often times when I grade these essays I will look at a picture of this person as I read to see how well you describe your person. Many times students will leave off key parts of the face that should be not only been listed, but also described in great detail. Remember all of the parts to a person’s head alone: head, hair, eyes, eye lashes, eye brows, nose, nostrils, cheeks, chin, lips, teeth, ears, earlobes etc. Some of you focused on the clothes your person wears rather than what they look like. When I grade these essays I will draw a picture based on your descriptions as I read so I can see what is left out of your descriptions.

Do NOT include their clothing or attire in your description. What they wear is not important or relevant in this essay.

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Descriptive Essay: Marilyn Monroe
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Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous actresses in the history of America’s film
industry. She was born in 1926 at a hospital in Los Angeles, and her official name was Norma
Jeane Mortenson. Her mother Gladys worked in several capacities before landing in Hollywood.
However, it was her daughter Norma who would grow into one of the finest actresses that
Hollywood has ever seen. Marilyn mastered many trades, and she was not just an actress, but she
also doubled up as a singer and a model. Marilyn's beauty captivated the entire nation, and she
became idolized for her immense sex appeal. This paper delves into the physical features that
transformed her into a s...

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