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Each student will be responsible for completing 3 annotated bibliography assignments throughout the semester. For each assignment, you are required to read two articles and complete an annotated bibliography for each article (scholarly/peer-reviewed journal articles)

pick any one topic form these following

  • Explain the role of HRM in organizations
  • Define and discuss some of the major HRM activities
  • Be able to define human resource management and the certifications that can be achieved in this profession.
  • Explain the professional and personal skills needed to be successful in HRM.
  • Be able to define the steps in HRM strategic planning.
  • Describe the steps in the development of an HRM plan.
  • Explain the aspects needed to create a usable and successful HRM plan

Your AB’s should be ½ to ¾ pages long. It should be double-spaced, and you are to use Times new Roman 12 font. For your AB, you must have: • Your name, date, course, and AB number at the top (see example) • APA Reference before the information (see example) Annotated bibliographies must be written in manner, in which, they are understandable. You must describe all-important data such as: • The participants • The reason the study was conducted • What research design was used (surveys, interviews, case study, etc.) • Which research analysis was used (MANOVA, ANOVA, Kruskal Wallace, etc.) • The results of the study along with any conclusions of the author(s)

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Annotated Bibliography
Topic: The role of HRM in organizations
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Annotated Bibliography
TOPIC: The role of HRM in organizations
Scholz, T. M. (2017). Big...

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