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What’s the Worst That Could Happen? (25 points)

This is a question you should (and will be) asking yourself as you take on a security officer role. Quite honestly, this statement could become your undoing if you do not think it through or try to avoid answering such a question; however, the extreme “voice of doom” is not one you will be visiting very often. You should be evaluating the possible circumstances and ask yourself the above question as it pertains to something that could happen, such as a fire or user error.

For this exercise, you should think about a local company (one which you work or have worked) or a fake marketing firm in Kansas City Missouri. Ask yourself this question as you think through what they have and what could be lost. Think of a minimum of 7 threats to this network (one for each of the 7 IT Infrastructure Domains [pg.7]) and describe “What’s the Worst That Could Happen?” if these threats came true. For the threats, you should think of 5 within the realm of possibility and 2 on the fringe of possibilities.

Organize this response as an APA formatted paper. For each threat, you should write at least one paragraph responding to the question to each threat.

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Identified and describes threats or risks (15 points)

Did not identify any threats (0)

Listed 1 to 6 threats (1-7)

Listed 7 threats (8-14)

Went above and beyond minimal requirements (15)

Demonstrates knowledge of vulnerabilities (15 points)

Did not demonstrate knowledge (0)

Demonstrated basic level knowledge of vulnerabilities (1-7)

Showed a proficient grasp of vulnerabilities and how they affect their environment (8-14)

Showed an advanced level of knowledge of how threats impact their environment (15)

APA formatting (10 points)

Did not utilize APA formatting (0-3)

A few APA formatting errors with multiple mistakes (4-7)

Little to no APA formatting errors (8-10)

Grammar and structure (10 points)

Student submission is below college level writing expectations (0-3)

Multiple grammar and structure issues (4-7)

Little to no grammar and structure issues (8-10)

Course Outcomes Assessed:

1. Identify and define risk and risk management techniques.

5. Identify and evaluate threats, vulnerabilities, countermeasures, and mitigation recommendations.

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DST Systems Inc. Outline
A. Introduction

DST Systems Inc. deals with information processing and other products and
services related to computer software.


This paper discusses the worst problems that could affect each of the seven
domains in the DST Systems Inc.

B. User domain

The worst threat facing the user domain of this firm is the susceptibility of users
to social engineering.


It should ensure the conduction of security training and awareness to all users.

C. Workstation domain

The worst thing that may happen to the workstation domain of DST Systems Inc
is the access by unauthorized individuals.


Such a threat is best mitigated by the use of strong passwords to lock screens.

D. LAN domain

The worst thing that could affect the LAN domain of this firm is access by
unauthorized people.


This threat is best mitigated by ensuring that all computer rooms, data centers,
and wiring closets are made secure from any illegal individual.

E. LAN to WAN domain

The most dangerous threat regarding this domain is the port scanning and network
probing by individuals that are not authorized by the company.


The best way to counter this risk by ensuring that some applications on the
exterior IP devices using the domain are disabled.

F. WAN domain

The worst threat regarding the WAN domain of DST Systems Inc is the use of a
connection that is open to the public.


The firm should have policies that guide the use of the connection.

G. Remote access domain

The riskiest thing that may affect business through the remote access domain is
the password attacks and the use of brute-force user ID.


Such a threat should be avoided through the establishment of policies to guide the
use of passwords and user IDs

H. Application domain

The most significant threat is the access of unauthorized people to the closets of
wiring, data centers, and computers.


The company should have standards and policies to guide the staff and visitors.

I. Conclusion

Users make the weakest link towards the achievement of secure systems in a

J. References

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