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Extra Credit Assignment- THEATRE 101 ONLINE (50 Points) For this extra credit assignment: Imagine you are the director for a theatrical production of your favorite fairy tale. (You can choose!) Part 1- Please provide a detailed analysis of your story’s central conflict and theme. Additionally, discuss the reasons you chose this story and why you believe it is relevant for audiences today. Why this show; why now? - 1.5 pages, double-spaced. Part 2- Answer the following questions about your production. - 2-3 Pages (not including pictures), double spaced (You may use bullet points) 1) Casting Assuming you can have any actor of your choosing, who would you cast for 3 of your characters in the show? Write a sentence or two explaining each choice. (Consider how the actors have chemistry with each other.) 2) Costumes Describe how you would design each of your 3 character’s costumes. Be sure to consider colors and textures. Please note, a good description comprises more than the phrase “Normal clothes.” Please use specifics in your response. Feel free to include pictures to compliment your descriptions. 3) Set Design What would your stage look like? How many sets would you need to prepare? How would they come on and off stage? What elements would you add to your live show that would make it a different experience than watching the movie at home? You may wish to refer to the text for options and ideas. Feel free to include pictures to compliment your descriptions. 4) Lighting In a few sentences, how would you use lighting to enhance the mood or a particular scene? Remember to take into account your costumes as you design the lights! Feel free to include pictures to compliment your descriptions. 5) Sound Please describe some of the sound elements you would be using. What opportunities do you have to create interesting sound designs? Please find at least 3 places to incorporate sound design.
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Fairy tale
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Fairy tale
Part 1
The central theme of story will be modern relationships, where people date and fall in
love without knowing the weird side of each partner. It is possible for either a man to date
someone with some strange or supernatural abilities, but because there is little desire to dig into
each other’s background people can fall in love with wrong partners. Either a woman or man can
unknowingly date a partner that will end up posing a threat to their life. There have been stories
of a woman dating a serial killer or robber, but only to learn it later after many years of marriage
or dating.
Thus, the fairy tale to be featured here is that of a tall man with a height of ten feet. This
tall man has the ability to reduce his height to a normal one depending on situations that present
to him. This tall man by the name Towering lives in a small hut near the forest. He does not feel
comfortable living with other human beings, especially from evening. If he lives with other
members of the community in the evening, he develops the urge of eating them. As a result, he
preferred to live alone near the forest where he can only interact with non-humans.
What is striking about Towering is his ability to manage his height and looks. In his
nearby town he falls in love with a beautiful woman called Sassy who willingly reciprocated his
love. Shockingly, the woman he falls in love also has a weird character as well. She has the
ability to develop wings to flee an enemy in the event she finds herself in danger. Both Towering
and Sassy seem to live in their own worlds. Unfortunately, Sassy does not kno...

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