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One Basket Doesn’t Fit All Disorders: A Case of Stephen Curry’s OCD, Outline

OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) is a disorder that involves individuals developing
unwanted thoughts that keep recurring in their mind, often leading to compulsiveness.
The disorder can be diagnosed and treated in an individual.

General OCD

OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) is a disorder that involves individuals developing
unwanted thoughts that keep recurring in their mind, often leading to compulsiveness.
The obsession that comes with recurring thoughts makes victims develop an overly
excessive drive to keep repeating doing the same things over and over again.

Causes of OCD
Biological causes.

Various factors cause OCD. One of them is biological. OCD comes about when the
victim’s brain functions change.


According to Kearney and Trull (2015), the main symptoms of OCD include obsessions
and compulsions. Obsessive thoughts grip an individual, making them their slave. These
obsessions include;

Constant concern by the victim that something terrible will befall them or other people.


OCD has no cure, but some interventions can help cope with the problem.


Biological treatments involve the restoration of biological imbalances in the body.
Treatment of the disorder is based on the assumption that the problem mainly comes due
to imbalances in body chemistry.

Case Study: Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is an NBA basketball player. He plays for the Golden state warriors in the
United States. He is among the best basketball players the NBA has ever seen. Curry is
one of the celebrities with OCD. His obsession is that he chews his mouthguard.


Curry experiences adrenaline rushes whenever he scores a point during a match. Curry
has different reactions to his chewing, depending on the type of score he makes. Curry’s
demeanor comes from his ‘gunslinger mentality.’ It is a case of an individual that doesn’t
suffer from self-doubt (Gekoski and Broome, 2017).


The symptoms that manifest when Curry’s OCD strikes depend on the type of score he
makes. They include;

Curry gnaws his mouthguard when he scores a free throw. The mouthguard curves in a
manner that makes it face the rafters from his mouth sides.


Stephen Curry’s OCD is not one that needs treatment because it is a habit that develops
from his love of the game.


OCD is a disorder that creates obsessions and compulsions. Some of its causes include
biological and psycho.



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