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I am applying for a residence scholarship and I need a short essay that answers two questions.

First question is why it's important for you to remain on campus in Residential Life? It’s important for me to stay on campus because I have been living on campus since I’ve started university, and finally leaving because of financial problems would be hard for me because I don’t own a car, and I would have to rely on public transportations. You can also talk about how I met my incredible roommates who are intelligent and fun to be around and leaving them for my last year at school would be disappointing. Finally, you can also talk about how I work in tech support at the school and how living on campus was very convenient for me. On top of that, I participate in various clubs at school, such as the cybersecurity club, ping pong club, and I’m a k12 ambassador for a community at my school. These clubs that I mentioned require a lot of meetings, and the fact that I was living on campus was very convenient for me because it allowed me to go back to my room whenever I needed to. If that is not the case anymore, most days, I would have to be at school in the morning, and I would have to be there the whole day because I don’t own a car.

Second question is how the scholarship will contribute positively to your academic and student success at school? I didn’t include how living on campus benefits me a lot on my previous answers for the other question because I wanted to save it for this second question.

You can talk about how living on campus allowed me to use various campuses resources a lot in the past. I was able to go to the library until late and study there. It was very convenient for me to use study spaces that are open 24/7 no matter what time. My roommates and I utilize those study spaces to study together and help each other out whenever we have questions. The result of what I mentioned above can be reflected in my high gpa. Therefore, if I receive this scholarship and I have the opportunity to stay on campus, I will continue to do everything I mentioned above to continue being successful at school, and It will allow me to maintain my gpa and finish strong for my last year at the school. If you have anything to add, feel free.

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Remain on Campus in Residential Life
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Remain on Campus in Residential Life
Importance of Remaining on Campus in Residential Life
It is important for me to stay on campus to improve my performance. I had stayed on
campus in the past when I joined the university but left due to financial challenges. Since I do
not own a car, I was forced to depend on public transport. During my time at the camp...

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