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Chemical dependence of a variety of prescribed and illegal drugs impacts the United States, emergency managers are faced with providing emergency and disaster services for addicted members of society. What challenges does this pose?

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Discuss chemical dependency as either a primary or secondary concern for disaster management. List three potential concerns and identify a possible solution for each. Choose and defend which one is the primary solution.

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Discussion: Addiction and Chemical Dependence (Emergency Preparedness)
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Discussion: Addiction and Chemical Dependence (Emergency Preparedness)
Substance use disorder is a major problem with about 20.3 million people above the age
of 12 found to have had substance use disorder in the U.S. in 2018 according to a SAMHSA's
National Survey (SAMHSA, n.d.). Chemical dependency has a significant impact on individuals’
functionality which affects disaster management efforts. There are several potential concerns
associated with this issue that need to be evaluated and solutions developed.
One of the potential concerns is the unavailability of the usua...


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