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Lockheed Martin is known for its ethical culture. Watch the video linked below to learn more about how it ensures an ethical culture through its formal and informal systems. Prior to watching the video read through the questions listed below. After watching the video, answer each question. Number each question to correspond to the questions listed below. Your answers should be one to two sentences.

  1. How does Lockheed Martin use organizational communication to ensure that ethical standards are understood?
  2. Why must organizations develop a unique internal message and set of tools for communicating ethics?
  3. What are some components of LM Ethics Reporting System?
  4. How does LM ensure that Ethics Training is consistent, relevant, and timely across the organization?
  5. From a performance perspective, how does LM ensure that managers achieve their objectives and goals in an ethical manner?
  6. What is the relationship between LM’s culture and ethical standards?
  7. How does LM ensure that international business units adhere to the same ethical standards?
  8. Describe different aspects of LM's formal and informal systems used to achieve an aligned ethical culture.

Video Link (Note: Plz be sure to answer above questions based on the video)

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Running head: ETHICS CULTURE


Ethics Culture

1. How does Lockheed martin use organizational communication to ensure the ethical
standards are understood?
Ethical standards are understood through awareness, familiarization, and training of the
2. Why must organizations develop a unique...

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