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The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to develop a health promotion program. Your program will address the community health diagnosis you identified in Assignment 3. The program must incorporate two health promotion approaches and will demonstrate an understanding of community planning, implementation, evaluation and the role of the community health nurse. Please note you are not expected to carry out the health promotion program that you develop.

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Opioid Abuse Prevention and Control Program for Vancouver, BC- Outline
Thesis Statement: This health promotion program presents an educational and service
extension services to reduce the prevalence of opioid addiction in Vancouver, BC.
I. Introduction
II. Problem definition
III. Approaches
IV. Education
A. Assessment
B. Planning
C. Evaluation
V. Treatment
A. Assessment
B. Planning
C. Evaluation
VI. Conclusion

Running head: OPIOID ABUSE


Opioid Abuse Prevention and Control Program for Vancouver, BC



Opioid Abuse Prevention and Control Program for Vancouver, BC
An assessment of the community in Vancouver, BC, showed high rates of opioid
addiction and deaths which prompted the development of a community health promotion
program. Promotion programs are aimed at improving the health of the target population
using one or a combination of approaches. This promotion program targets the young
population in urban Vancouver with the aim of reducing opioid addiction. This paper outlines
the promotion program designed to reduce addiction to opioids in the city. This health
promotion program presents an educational and service extension services to reduce the
prevalence of opioid addiction in Vancouver, BC.
Problem Definition
Opioid overdose is a major cause of death in Vancouver, BC. According to Health
Canada (2019), British Columbia has a death rate from opioid overdose that is twice the
national average. These statistics are a reflection of the problem facing Vancouver.
Moreover, this addiction and overdose disproportionately affects young people in urban areas
(Health Canada, 2019). Therefore, this health promotion program focuses on reducing
addiction of young people to opioids and focuses on Vancouver one of the most affected
areas in the province. The problem addressed in this promotion program, therefore, is the
high occurrence of opioid deaths in Vancouver and the program seeks to reduce addiction
among young people living in the city.
Program Approaches
The program utilizes the social network and social support theory to improve the
health of individuals and consequently the health of the general population. The social
network and support theory utilizes social influences on behaviour to attain behaviour change
in the target population. It is, therefore, centered in emotional, instrumental, informational,
and psychological support for the affected people to attain goals through behaviour change



(Fuchs, 2017). This theory is crucial in health promotion programs because it sets the
platform for community-based information and instrumental sharing for improved
community health. It is, therefore, useful in this promotion project because it utilizes the
power of the society to develop a long-term self-sufficient community program for health
The first approach that will be used in this program is the education of youth as a
means of increasing awareness and inspiring change in the population. The educational
approach will focus on spreading awareness on the health effects of opioids and means of
avoiding or beating addiction. The educational approach is relevant for this setting because it
increases awareness of the health effects of opioids and inspires people to make changes
based on the information that they receive from the educational program. According to
Sharma (2016), health education increases self-efficacy in individuals and the community and
hence provides the audience with a crucial role in self-care and preventive health. Therefore,
the educational approach was chosen due to its importance in promoting community self-care
and a proactive approach to the drug abuse problem. The educational approach to the
promotion program will focus on providing relevant knowledge and informational resources
for the targeted population to utilize in ...

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