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I’m studying for my English class and need an explanation.

It is an essay about any topic you like. I chose to write about Golden billion. so the question is what is golden billion? and I want you to talk about the thing that happen to the world now like Corona virus, and forest fires in Australia. in the essay. You can find evidence every where on the internet. and i want you to relate the things that happening now to the Golden billion. If you are willing to do this essay for me as I want it to be, let me know. I uploaded the assignment and the requirements. Thank you

ENG 120 Cuyamaca College Is Coronavirus Made Essay

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Golden Billion is an emblem that is meant to designate wealthiest humans living mostly
in the developed countries with all that is necessary for a comfortable and a secure life. Golden
Billion reveals the striking income gap between persons in the poor and the rich countries (Dias
Murillo & Teles, 1480).
Thesis statement: This paper discusses the current stage of information and technological
revolution, income levels and globalization and their effects to current world issues in both
golden billion and developing countries.

Current stage of information and technological revolution.

Technology revolution contributes to both unity and differentiation of human

IT revolutions gives the rich countries a more privileged and profitable

Covid-19 outbreak have posed adverse effects on the education and economy
of least developed countries as compared to developed countries.


Income levels and globalization.

A sixth of the world population from the most developed nation were
receiving almost 80% of the world income.

most of the poor undeveloped countries could not afford to offer any
operational aid.


Their effects to current world issues in both golden billion and developing countries.

People in the developing nations may not be able to practice the precautions

The entire world becomes increasingly structured in the area of world trade
and communication due to globalization.

Many of the environmental unfriendly industry like mining and chemical
enterprises are transferred to developing countries due to the severe
environmental laws.

In conclusion, IT revolution has greatly changed the world’s financial flows direction in
that huge capital today goes to the advanced countries since advanced technology requires
developed infrastructure, high industrial culture and highly skilled and educated specia...

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