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(a European security force in Syria) is more specific. Given the nature of this assignment, I think that the second, more focused paper would be better and easier for you to write. The possibility of a European security force in Syria seems remote, but is nonetheless worth investigating. You could begin your paper with a short overview of the situation in Syria; the complexity of external involvement (notably Russia and Turkey); European interest in the conflict (economic, humanitarian, political, and strategic); and possible European involvement in the form of a peacekeeping or ceasefire monitoring operation.

The purpose of the assignment is to write an interesting, informative, and insightful paper on a particular aspect of European security. The paper should focus on a specific challenge or problem, whether organization/institutional, country or region-specific, or thematic.

This is not a conventional academic research paper. Rather, it is a policy paper.

It should be no more than 5,000 words, which is quite generous for such a paper; should draw on sources that are not exclusively or even primarily academic, such as op-eds, credible media reporting, long-form journalism, and think-tank pieces; and should be written in a way that captures and keeps the reader's attention (I am using the singular because I will be the sole reader, but you should imagine that you are writing for a readership that is already familiar with the European security landscape). I am not fussy about a particular style for citations, as long as you are consistent.

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