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In at least four pages in MLA format ( (Links to an external site.)) make an argument for the effectiveness of Coates's rhetoric or simply identify and discuss the rhetoric that Coates employs. You do not need to include all three rhetorical categories, nor do you have to take one side or the other; perhaps he is successful in some ways and not in other ways. Moreover, you do not necessarily need to argue that the rhetoric is ultimately successful or not; if you choose to take this route, make sure that you are still discussing in detail his use of rhetoric.

Critically, avoid simply summarizing.

Possible theses:

-Coates (successfully) uses pathos and ethos to convince his audience.

-Whiles Coates is convincing in his use of pathos, his use of logos is lacking.

-Coates employs all three categories of rhetoric throughout his text.

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In writing or speech delivery, modes of persuasion need to be used to convince the
audience and connect with them. Writers use different methods of persuasion to ensure that they
connect and communicate their message. This is an example of effective speech delivery. Three
rhetorical modes can be used in writing. These include; ethos, pathos and logos. Ethos refers to
the ethical appeal of the writer. The stand the writer takes in regards to what is right or wrong.
For example, a writer may argue that enslaving children to work in bog factories is wrong and
should not be encouraged. Ethos also encompasses choosing language that is appropriate for the
audience. Pathos, on the other hand, relies on the emotional appeal a writer uses to persuade the
audience. This is used to invoke sympathy and influence what others feel. The writer or author is
in control of the emotions these people think. A common use of pathos is when authors draw pity
and sympathy from their audience. It is important to note that many people also use pathos to
inspire anger from the audience (Hughes et al). This type of persuasion has been used to inspire
movements and changes. Lastly, logos are persuasion through logic and reason. The author or
writer presents facts in the form of statistical data or evidence to help persuade the audience.

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