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Is there a title to your paper? Does it help your reader?

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Do you let the reader know the author's main thesis or reason for writing the article?

Can the reader read your summary and not have to read the whole article?

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Engaging Youth in Political Participation
Global youth participation as both voters and leaders has reduced over the last
decade. While the reduction of youth participation in politics is blatantly blamed on a lack of
interest in politics and lack of acknowledgement of self-citizenship, research tells a different
story. For instance, the article Rejuvenating Politics: Young Political Participation in a Changing
World of December 2018 written by James Sloam and Matt Henn and published by proves a real
interest in politics of the youth before identifying a continuing rift between youth and
conventional party politics as the reason for their reduced political participation. Through the
proof of a social shift through generations, the authors identify an ideological misalignment
between youth...

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