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Final ESSAY prompt:

Compose a brief reflective analysis essay wherein you consider your experiences throughout the course as they relate to the course texts, lessons, and projects. In the brief reflective analysis essay, explore how your thinking about LGBT literature has transformed as a result of your engagements with this course. Refer to specific examples from the texts for the development and support of your ideas and maintain a formal academic essay style.

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Reflective Essay on Homosexuality and Literature
For years, the evolution of queer literature is considered to have been embraced by many
cultures and individuals. As a result of the development of queer literature, many authors have
started understanding and writing literature based on homosexuality. Most of the queer literature
comprises of features that showcase the LGBT traditions. Also, the society viewpoint of the
LGBT is another common factor presented by queer literature. Eileen Myles is an example of
author who is based on writing queer literature. Her book Chelsea Girls, has highlighted how
homosexuality identity is marginalized and the struggles faced by queer people (Myles N.p).
Therefore, the article seeks to discuss the importance of genre and literature used by queer
authors to help place themselves and fit in society.
Eileen Myles is an author who has managed to manipulate genre to analyze and present
an understanding of queer theory. In other words, Myles has used literature as a form of genre to
evaluate how individuals have the choice towards their sexual identities. In the book, the author
has used ‘we’ as a way of recognizing queerness. From this aspect, Eileen Myles has
acknowledged that she is part of the queer group. In the article, Myles illustrates the challenges
faced by queer people since they are trying to prove themselves to the world (Myles N.p).
Generally, queer theory has been showcased in Chelsea Girls through the prejudice faced by the

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queer community. Additionally, the author’s description of sexual identities are based on her
younger self that have been displayed through various encounters.
Apart from Eileen Myles’ book, genre and queerness have also been used in ancient
literature. The ancient Greece proves to be an example of ancient group that used queer
literature. However, the ancient Greece did not use terms such as ‘homosexual and heterosexual’
until in the 19th century (Pickett N.p). At this point, the ancient Greece was known to practice
sexuality since it was determined by one’s social class. In most cases, same sex relationship was
mostly portrayed in Aristotle and Plato’s plays and poems. As a philosopher, Plato was known to
feature the topic of sexuality in his works. Sexual attractions of the same sex is an example of
sexuality topic discussed by Plato. On the other hand, Greek artistic also demonstrated sexuality
through paintings and sculptures.
Homosexuality is a word that was invented in the 19th century. Despite being a new word,
historical philosophers and authors have managed to use sexuality in some of their writings. In
this case, same-sex attraction is considered to be the queer theory in the modern world (Pickett
N.p). Historically, homosexual sex was forbidden by most of the cultures. Some of the historical
cultures considered homosexuality to be a taboo. Being a forbidden practice, homosexual people
were punished for the practice. Today, debates on the origin of homosexuality still takes place in
our politics, religion and society. At this point, homosexuality prove to be a topic embraced in
the historical periods by philosophers and authors such as Plato. Hence, the use of literature as a
genre to showcase queer theory was influenced from historical authors.
As mentioned earlier, same sex desire was a common feature among the ancient Greece.
Therefore, contemporary homosexuality is considered not to be an issue because it is also
embraced by many authors. Due to this feature, the acceptance of homosexuality is widely

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practiced since it tries to eradicate marginalization of sexual identities. On the other hand, stories
of homosexuality have also been present in s...

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