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choose one type from these 5 types

1. Select an individual - an artist, scientist, musician, writer, or other creative figure - and discuss his or her creative process.You should use primary materials, interviews, and secondary works to support your ideas. What factors contributed to theircreative success? Can you identify any particular social or personal elements that may have been important?

2. Following the same format as above, select an artistic movement or group of individuals known for a distinctive style or type of creative work. This could also be an academic discipline. Describe the creative process as it applies to this group, discipline, or artistic movement.

3. Pick a historical period - Ancient Greece, Qing China, Modernism, the Renaissance - and describe the creative forces at work in that period. What factors helped to shape the creative production during that particular period?

4. Identify and discuss the latest research on creativity. What are the most recent ideas concerning the development and nature of creativity, and what are the implications of these findings?

5. Produce a creative work yourself. This may be a poem, a short story, a painting, or some other form of creative work. In addition, you must provide an analysis of the creative process both in terms of your own experience of being creative and how you go about this. Your analysis should discuss the process of creativity as we have explored it in the course of the class

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Humanities Art & History: The Renaissance
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Humanities Art & History: The Renaissance

The renaissance is a period in the history of Europe that started in 1400 and following the
medieval period. The term renaissance is a French vocabulary, which implies rebirth since the
individual in this period developed the interest to learn other periods in history. The renaissance
period is the beginning of the modern age, where learning started to take part effectively. In
general, we can state that the renaissance period marked the transition from middle age to
modernity. As stated, the period began in the 14th century and ended in the 17th century.
The Renaissance
The renaissance period was a unique cultural movement that had a great impact on
European intellectual life and activities during the early modern period. The concept of the
renaissance was discovered in Italy, and later it spread to the rest of Europe by the 16th century.
The impact of this period was felt in the various field, which includes philosophy, art,
architecture, music, technology, science, religion, politics, literature as well as music. In this
period, intellectual applied various concepts and ideas that enabled them to evaluate and research
for realism and human emotion art. Christianity was the central theme and aspect where the
activities of the renaissance were greatly recognized. Later, the perception and the approach
adopted by the intellectuals towards religion influenced different individuals to reflect the ideas
of art in other cultural fields.
Causes of Renaissances
Renaissance was an import activity in European history. The period was influenced by
several factors that contributed to the development of the period. Increased interaction was a



significant cause of renaissance. The combination of ideas and skills led to the discovery of new
artwork that characterized the renaissances period. The combination of ideas from different
society made it necessary to demand changes as a society. In this case, European experienced a
change in terms of worldview and perspective. The change was caused by the new beliefs, ideas,
and views that the Europeans were exposed to. The interaction was experienced during trade
networks across the different continents that increased interaction between various societies that
let to the exchange of ideas, beliefs, and goods. The crusades were also another primary source
of interaction that facilitated the sharing of ideas.
Rediscovery of an ancient text that was done by the European thinkers of ancient Greek
and Roman presents ideas and text that created a path of enhancing the ideas and concepts held
by people. The text and ideas in this period were preserved and led to the discovery of mere
ideas. Besides, some scholars and Italian humanists made great achievements after discovering
the earlier art of roman p...

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