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For this paper, please find a topic within music, literature, or art to explain to your reader. Remember, an expository paper clearly informs, so you must have a reason for choosing your piece, along with a thesis statement. For example, you may want to write about a book that changed your perspective, a painting to which you can relate, or a song that influenced you. You can use first person, but the focus will be to expound on the piece of music, literature, or art, as this is not a narrative paper.

You must use at least two academic sources to back up the facts within your paper. This means they must have an author and a reference page.

The paper must be in Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced, in APA format with a Reference page, and three to four pages in length. Your paper must have a title, thesis, and quotes from your sources.

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HiKindly see the attached completed assignment and let me know in case you may have any questions. Good bye


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As time goes on, the message on human resilience continually becomes of more
importance. It has even risen to become a center of study for psychology. Time and again,
people are reminded to keep on fighting. We are constantly reminded to keep on pushing on as
hard as that situation may prove to be. Often, giving up is not usually an option. Although we
might be fragile in some situations, we have to keep fighting. Human resilience is mostly
considered at an individual level. Th...

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