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Using the given generic class, complete the class.

It should contain the following attributes:

E[] innerQueue – The array that will hold the contents of the innerQueue.

As well as the following constructors/methods:

MyQueue(): constructor – Initializes innerQueue to be a queue with a length of 0.

add(E item): void – Inserts the element into the end of queue. The array is resized using a copy of innerQueue that’s one element larger.

peek(): E – Returns the value at the head of the queue without removing it, returning null if the queue is empty.

poll(): E – Retrieves and removes the head of the queue, returning null if the queue is empty. The array is resized using a copy of innerQueue that’s one element smaller.

When finished, you can use the main method located inside to test your methods.

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I created the second version of the program which actually uses generic array E[]. But it requires some ...

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