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BUS 4040, Communication Skills for Leaders Title of the book

Unit I Homework Assignment
This unit includes two assignments, which work together so you can define communication, describe the communication principles, and the major communication skill sets. In this assignment, create a collage from pictures or drawings that model the five key communication principles chart found on Figure 1.2 on page 11 of your textbook. The five communication principles include Aware, Verbal, Nonverbal, Listen, and Adapt. Free resources for the collage are available at Canva.com, Glogster.com, or Word Document. You may also create your own images or pictures.

Unit I Essay
This unit includes two assignments, which work together so you can define communication, describe the communication principles, and the major communication skill sets. In the second part of your assignment, for each of the five communication principles, provide a short written statement for each principle and why it is important. Each statement should be 75 words or less for a total of 375 words or less. In each statement, include a real-life example (personal or professional) where you have used or experienced that principle. Indicate which of the three communication skills from the Figure 1.2 was, or was not, used successfully in your real-life example.

PSY 1010, General Psychology
Unit I Essay
Understanding and applying psychology in one’s everyday life can have numerous benefits. In this assignment, you will write an essay requiring you to employ critical thinking as you apply what you have learned about the science of psychology. You must start your essay with an introduction. Then, in your own words, define the research methods that are used to describe behavior. Identify the basic ideas behind early approaches in psychology that correlate to these methods. Now, pretend you are the researcher. Think of a question that you would like to explore, and describe which method you would embrace to conduct your research. You will then include the following elements: identify the research question, describe your research experiment, and indicate the ethical guidelines that must be followed while conducting your research. Your essay will be a minimum of two pages in length, not including the title page.

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Communication Principles


Communication Principles
Aware - it addresses the aspect of being actively self-aware of communication with
others and self. The principle is essential as it ensures and facilitates active communication – a
vital element. For instance, awareness enhances my mindfulness around people, and this plays a
critical role in my decision making within the communication process. The communication skill
successfully used in this case is relating.
Verbal - the aspect of communication addressed comprises the use of words and sounds
for expression. It is crucial as a convenient means of communication. Understanding how these
aspects work is vital as from a personal case; effective verbal communication enhances clarity
and understanding of information. For instance, as in my case, it can be as simple as interemployee conversation during teamwork – where the aspect of clarity is vital. The
communication skill that applies well to this situation is collaborating.
Nonverbal - it is a principle of communication that applies the use of mannerisms and
gestures. It is a critical aspect of the communication process, especially considering that a
significant percentage of daily communication is nonverbal. For instance, continually avoiding
eye contact and maintaining physical distance may portray a message of shyness or introversion
– a situation I have observed. One employee could interpret this as dislike. The action, although

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