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You just started working as a Health Service Manager within one of the following health care industries. First choose an industry below to discuss the questions that follow:

  1. Ambulatory Surgery center
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Physician’s Office
  4. Cosmetic Surgery Center
  5. Laser Eye Center
  6. Dental Office

Your boss has asked you to write a report detailing how the demand for your product(s) is impacted by various economic factors. In writing your memo, be sure to include your name and in the subject line identify the health care entity you chose above. In order for your boss to easily review your memo, please include section headers to correspond to the questions below.

Answer the following questions relying primarily on the course readings and other resource material presented in this class (do not cite any other outside sources).

  1. Describe a product or service your company provides to your patients
  2. Evaluate the demand curve for your product and relationship between the price of your service/product and the quantity demanded.

In this evaluation, be sure to identify:

  • whether demand is sensitive (e.g. elastic) or less sensitive (e.g. inelastic) to changes in the price and
  • evaluate why this relationship might occur.
  • include a discussion of how the existence of health insurance would impact the elasticity of demand.
  1. Define “substitute” goods and identify potential substitutes for your product/service. Evaluate how does the existence of a substitute impact the demand for your product/service.
  2. Define “complement” goods and identify potential complements for your product/service. Evaluate how does the existence of complement goods impact the demand for your product/service.
  3. Identify and discuss the economic factors that might lead to a shift in the demand curve for your product/service?

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Final Answer

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Running head: REPORT


A Report Detailing How The Demand For Top Care Surgical Center Is Impacted By Various
Economic Factors



A Report Detailing How The Demand For Top Care Surgical Center Is Impacted By Various
Economic Factors
The health care sector has evolved with an aim of providing quality health care to both
inpatient and outpatients. The advancement in the provision of health and availability of
information has enable patients to make informed decisions regard their health care. Introduction
of new facilities such as ambulatory surgical center, cosmetic surgical center, laser eye center and
dental office has made it possible for patients to seek specialized treatment. The introduction of
these facilities has influenced a positive trend in the health care since they contribute to cost saving
and high level of regulation to ensure quality and safety.
Services Offered At Top Care Surgical Center S
The introduction of Ambulatory surgical center (ASCs) in 1970 in Phoenix Arizona was a
major milestone in the healthcare. Ambulatory Surgical center (ASC) has transformed the
experience for outpatients in the United States by providing more convenient and cost effective
treatment compared to hospital-based outpatient procedures. Ambulatory Surgical centers is new
advancement in the health care system that involves modern health care facilities with the aim of
providing same-day surgical procedures and care that include diagnostic and prevention
procedures. The ASC has transformed the model of surgical care and has proven to have a strong
record of quality care, given a positive patient experience and outcome. Top Care Ambulatory
Surgical Center is multi-specialty Surgical Center that offers a wide range of services which
include pain management, urology, orthopaedic, ophthalmology,
The Relationship Between Demand And Price Of The Service
The law of demand states that demand for goods and services increases with an increase in
prices of the goods and services. A decrease in price causes a positive shift of demand curve which
shows an increase in demand. Since its introduction demand for ASC services has been on the rise
which is attributed to cost of services in such facilities. The nature of the procedures has increased
the demand for our services since patients do not have to stay overnight. The mission of



Ambulatory Surgical center is to provide cost effective care that saves government, patient, and
third party payers’ money. Through this initiative the Medicare program save more than $2.6
billion annu...

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