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LIU Brooklyn Ch 15 The Ugly Side of Beautiful Nails Case Study Questions

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Read the Case The Ugly Side of Beautiful Nails” at the end of Chapter 15 and response to the following:

  1. This section describes several “workplace rights.” Which of these rights are violated in the nail salon industry, and what evidence do you have of this?
  2. To what degree do you think managers in the nail salon industry would be able to improve conditions voluntarily if they wished to do so, and why do you think so?
  3. What factors make it particularly difficult for workers in the nail industry to organize to improve their own conditions, and how could these factors be overcome?
  4. What factors make it particularly difficult for government policy makers and regulators to make rules for the nail industry and enforce them? How could these factors be overcome?
  5. What do you think is the best way to improve conditions for workers in the nail industry?

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For a business to operate there is the signing of an agreement indicating the terms and
conditions and the rights of a worker while at the workplace. Worker rights are a list or group of
human and legal rights related to work between workers and their employers. The rights are in
The International Labor Employment Law. Every worker has rights. The Ham Commission
Report was essential in establishing the basic rights of a worker. A worker or employee also has
to behave and act accordingly in the workplace and show respect to fellow workers and their
employers. Most of the employees in the United States have the privilege to exercise their rights.
The rights include the right to organize and bargain collectively, right to fair and decent wages,
to a safe and healthy workplace, to privacy and right to blow the whistle and free speech.
In some parts of the United States, most of the employees have a chance to practice and
exercise some of their legal and human rights in the workplace. They have an understanding of
their employers and the working conditions are comfortable. Their pay is according to the hours
or the time they work. However, in the nail salon industry, the right to fair...

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