Committing Plagiarism and Research Proposal Questions

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Define plagiarism; discuss why it is important, why you should avoid it, and name four ways you can minimize the chances of committing plagiarism 

Committing Plagiarism and Research Proposal Questions
Committing Plagiarism and Research Proposal Questions

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Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else’s work and acknowledging it as your own. It
infringes upon the intellectual property rights of the actual owner of the work. It is important in
that scholarly and professional work requires the ability to respect the work of other people.
Further, it is important for people to increasingly get involved in doing original research (Lester
& Lester, Jr, 2015). It should be avoided because it is unfair to the actual owner of the work; it
encourages laziness; it is academic indiscipline and generally impacts negatively on the ability of
people to conduct sound research. One can minimize the chances of committing plagiarism by
acknowledging any sou...

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