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SEU Employee Health and Safety in The Organization Case Study Questions

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ASSIGNMENT-3 Learning Outcome: 1. Demonstrate overall Human Resource concepts, goals and strategies within the context of organizations goals and strategies (Lo 1.1). 2. Ability to examine the role of Employees as a strategic partner in an organization. (Lo 1.9). 3. Demonstrate ability to think independently and systematically on the major HR-related laws in realistic cases or scenarios. (Lo 3.7). Assignment-3 TOPIC: EMPLOYEE HEALTH AND SAFETY IN THE ORGANIZATION Organization officials have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that the workplace is free from unnecessary hazards. Employers hold responsibility for understanding what is necessary to keep workers safe from harm. Conditions surrounding the workplace must be secure for employee’s physical and mental health. As many organizations have implemented wellness program, that focus on smoking cessation, weight control, stress management, early diagnosis of health problems, prevention and education about life-style related and contagious illness. Wellness program can cut Employers health cost and lower absenteeism by preventing health related problems. Reference: Textbook- DeCenzo, D. A., & Robbins, S. P. (2013). Human resource management , Chapter 13 Health and Safety. Assignment Questions: 1. Describe the role of HR in offering Healthy and safe work environment to the workers. Also write the ways that Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA assist employers in creating a safer workplace. 2. Discuss the purpose and significance of Wellness Programs/Disease Management in the Organization. Support your answer with the example of two companies that provide these programs to their workers. 3. If you’re HR Manager, how can you support your employees during the Public Health Emergency/Outbreak? Present your HR planning to run the organization effectively along with employees’ safety. ...
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Employee Health and Safety
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Q1: Role of HR in promoting a safe work environment for employees.
Q2: Significance of wellness programs in an organization.
Q3: HR plan to run an organization effectively and to protect the wellbeing of employees.


Employee Health and Safety
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Employee Health and Safety in the Organization
Q. 1.
Injuries and ill-health caused by poor working conditions impose significant financial and
legal costs to any firm. In any organization, human resource management has a duty to avoid such
costs by providing a humane and safe work environment for all workers. HR has a duty to establish
smooth communication, build trust, and encourage open communication with the employees on
health and safety-related issues in the work environment. Open communication is critical in the
organization to ensure that employees are at ease to communicate without fear to HR personnel on
matters related to their health and safety.
HR plays a vital role in implementing strict safety policies by setting clear and strict
guidelines that employees should follow to ensure their safety. HR has a role in assessing and
identifying risks and hazards and implementing proactive control measures depending on the
nature of work, work environment, and the risks involved (DeCenzo, Robbins, & Verhulst, 201...

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