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This discussion will be important in advance of the upcoming Argument Synthesis Essay, though there may be aspects that are difficult to address and easy to interpret in a variety of ways. For the record, I do not oppose the accepted contemporary conventions or the labels people choose to identify themselves with, but I, like Nancy Mairs, strive for a language that is most expressive and accurate. So, there are some terms that I think should be discussed.

Please pick one term, or pairing of terms, and write a paragraph defining the term in your own words and from your own perspective. You should also address what you believe to be the connotations, or the suggested meaning or implications, of the term. Next, you must respond to comments by at least two of your peers. In order to earn full credit, students must complete all aspects of this assignment, and the deadline for completion is by our regularly scheduled class time on Friday March 27th.

“race” and “ethnicity”

“people of color”

“skin color” and “skin tone”





It should be noted that most of these terms were created by Americans within the American context. For example, a Salvadoran man living in El Salvador would be unlikely to refer to himself as Hispanic, Latino, or Latinx. Also, some of these terms come from the dominant culture, while others were created by people from within the designated identity groups.

Also these are two different paragraphs that I need you to respond to it >> I will attach it once you finish my body paragraph

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Running head: PEOPLE OF COLOR

People of Color
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People of Color

I can say that my definition of the term “people of color” has been distorted since I was a
child and I have grown up knowing that the term means any person that is not white. This

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