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Help me study for my Writing class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Any topic is great, as long as its a topic that i can relate or broaden the horizon and audience can relate to.

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Persuasive Speech Assignment Description Time: 5-8 minutes When choosing a topic for a persuasive speech it is best to choose something that you have strong beliefs/opinions about. You should also consider having a narrow focus regarding your topic. For example, arguing for gun control is too broad, arguing one specific aspect of gun control is okay (this particular topic is overused, so don’t try to use it unless you present arguments that we have not yet heard). Anything that will change/reinforce/create beliefs, attitudes, and values will work. Try to go beyond the commonly covered topics, but make sure it is something that you believe/adhere to/practice/etc. (There are also some topics that a speaker cannot effectively persuade an audience to do/think/act in the short amount of time given, I have a list, please read it.) More on topic selection: To further the discussion of topic selection consider this. You should have some sort of “Call to Action” at the end of your speech. This means that Claims of Fact should be avoided. This should be something that audience members can realistically do. It can be as simple as calling for audience members to better inform themselves (and tell them how to do that), to helping a group with time or money, to asking to help with legislative reform (be specific on what audience members can do), to a change in personal behavior. Try to avoid the trite and overused topics. (If the audience has already heard a lot about your topic, and you are not presenting anything new, then you are not meeting the goal of this assignment.) Sources that are Clearly and Appropriately Verball/Orally Cited: THREE credible source minimum. These sources must be verbally cited during the body of the presentation. Choose your sources wisely. You may use more than the minimum requirement. Organization of the persuasive speech: You will need to use a version of the problem-solution organizational pattern (i.e. problem-solution, problem-cause-solution, Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, etc.). The persuasive speech is very different from an informative speech. You will be reading about this in your text and I will be taking you beyond what is in the text and helping you to work toward your outline and speech goals. Currently while thinking about your topic, think about the organization this way in helping to make your final choice and/or narrow your topic: problem, cause, solution, call to action. Visual Aids: Optional, but if used should be used appropriately and effectively (absolutely NO videos) Please adhere to the Speaking Assignment Policies outlined in the ICIS. For this speech you will also need to write an outline, NOT A MANUSCRIPT, and upload that to the dropbox. Only one notecard or one sheet of paper with a key word outline may be used during the presentation and notes will be collected following your presentation. Remember to AVOID using a manuscript. Other assignments associated with this speech: Topic Assignment Audience Analysis Outline Self Reflection ...
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Topic: Gender Selection
Time: 5-8 minutes
Purpose: To deconstruct gender selection practice in our society

How many of you think gender selection is an ethical practice in society? Would you feel the
same way if we have a society where wealthy parents dictate the gender composition of society?
I don't think so! Gender selection is not only dangerous but also creates sex distortion, especially
in countries where one sex is the preferred member of society. In countries like China, because
of the birth limits, couples feel more pressured to choose a gender for their children. It is just a
matter of financial incapability that deter most couples from such countries from undertaking
gender selection (Lent et al., 2018). Most doctors and medical professionals suggest that people
should be allowed to use technology for gender selection since it is available. However, it looks a
little awkward to me that someone would still say that we should use the technology despite all
the negativity associated with this practice just because it's available. Does it mean we should
use technology just b...

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