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BUS 660 GCU Multiple Regression Models Case Study Web Video on Demand Problems

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Linear Programming: Applications in Marketing, Finance, and Marketing Management - Homework

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Hello! I attached the screenshot of Homework #4, I also have attached the additional case study problem. It was great working with you again! Please complete and review this question also, if possible.

Multiple Regression Models Case Study: Web
Video on Demand
Web Video on Demand (WVOD) is an Internet video-on-demand streaming service. The
company offers a subscription service for $5.99/month, which includes access to all
programming and 30-second commercial intervals.
In the last year, the company has recently begun producing its own programming, including 30-,
60-, and 120-minute television shows, specials, and films. Programming has been developed for
teen audiences as well as adults.
The following data represent the amount of money brought in through advertising sales, the
average ...

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