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Essay 2: Evaluating an Author’s Use of Evidence

The Prompt

The second unit for our course focuses on millennials and how the ever-evolving world around us has affected this particular generation. In his article, Joel Stein argues that most of these effects are negative—millennials are lazy, entitled, and technology-obsessed. For your second essay, you will discuss Stein’s article and analyze its use of evidence to support the claims the writer makes. Your essay should do the following:

1.Introduce the article and discuss its rhetorical situation (author, audience, context, etc.)

2.Discuss the article’s main argument and some of its most important or interesting claims.

3.Identify at least two different kinds of evidence Stein uses and provide examples. Then evaluate these examples, focusing on how strong or weak you think this evidence is and how likely it is to convince Stein’s audience.

4.Conclude by discussing the text overall and whether or not you think Stein makes an effective, convincing argument.

MLA format. This requires: Times New Roman size 12 font, double spacing, 1 inch margins, appropriate heading and page numbers, correct in-text citations, and a Works Cited page.

At least 4-5 full pages, not including Works Cited page.

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Essay 2: Evaluating an Author’s Use of Evidence
The topic in millennials is increasingly being covered, as authors aim to unearth this
youthful and techno-savvy generation. Among them is Joel Stein, who is a columnist with the
Time magazine. His articles are often about entertainment and contemporary affairs. For instance,
in the article, “Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation,” he unearths unique characteristics of
millennials, essentially, to highlight the pitfalls which they might find themselves in. The aim is
to enable all people in society to have a better understanding of millennials and how to interact
with them effectively. He states that millennials are “lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow” (Stein).
He goes ahead to affirm that he has studies to back up his claims, so they do not merely appear to
be a matter of made-up opinions regarding the generation. His statements, therefore, aim to provide
insights that the ideas which people have held continuously regarding Millennials are, therefore,
correct. In his argument, he seeks to support the claims with information that is gathered from
various sources so to show that he has a sound backing on what he is talking about. Throughout
the article, Stein uses evidence to support his argument, therefore, making it more believable to
the reader.

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Stein states that the incidence of narcissistic personality disorder is established to be almost
three times high for people who are in their 20s than for people who are aged at least 65 years
(Stein). In the statement, the author points out that the data is according to the National Institutes
of Health (NIH). He uses the evidence so to affirm that millennials often think of themselves and
are, therefore, self-centred. In the process, they can look down upon others and be condescending
against them. The data provided is believable. The NIH is a reputable institution. Therefore, any
publications accredited to it are credible. Therefore, by quoting data from a report published by
the NIH, the reader can believe the information provided within. Primarily, it aims to show that
the author was keen on relying on obtaining information from sources that can be verified and are
associated with providing information that is believable often.
The author also shows that millennials are lazy and, therefore, fail to attain significant
levels of development early. He cites data provided by the 2012 Clark University Poll of Emerging
Adults, which show that more people ages 18 to 29 live with their parents than with their spouse”
(Stein). He uses the data to affirm the view that millennials are lazy and are, therefore, less capable
of adopting the appropriate strategies which would, otherwise, contribute to their development.
For instance, they fail to take the right actions, which would enable them to move away from their
parents’ homes so they could chart their own lives in the best way possible. The insight, therefore,
confirms that Millennials fail to align best with other generations as their level of growth is stunted.
They happen to rely more on the support of adults as opposed to taking the necessary actions
necessary so to attain the specific outcomes they need. The evidence is likely to persuade the reader
because it is provided by a Poll done by a reputable university. Therefore, it is possible for the
reader to rely on the information provided by the source. People are bound to have the view that

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the information provided in the source is mostly believable and adds to their knowledge about
It is also established that Millennials are se...

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