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Find an early,(pioneer) screen printer go as far back as you need to and tell me what it is you find interesting about this artist's work. What techniques did the artist use? Put the screen printer in historic context.

What part of the world were they from? What were their cultural influences? How does there work reflect this? Talk about pattern, motif, repeated patterns, directional force. What was the message or meaning

expressed in the motif if there was one? Was it used ceremonially? You can use a couple of images to illustrate your observations. 1500 words, site sources, due Monday, March 30th.

Find a contemporary living artist using screen printing. They should have a website or a way to contact them. You should be able to view their work. If you can contact them and respectfully ask questions

(interview) them do so. Most artists like to talk about their work if you tell them what you're doing and you like their work. Then tell me (summarize), what new information did you learn after your research

and dialog? Did you get a deeper insight into the purpose and meaning of the work? Were there political or social meanings expressed? Was the work commercial in nature? Agian 1500 words site sources and you

may include a couple of images here also.

due Monday, March 30th


Remember screen printing has a long history starting around 1000 AD in China and Japan. There are examples of these works in museums

but they are rare. You could try to digitally tour these sources but that's time-consuming. So here's some help,(Spooner)

Try National Serigraph Society Europe 20th century

Try Max Arthur Cohn and Anthony Velonis

Try Sister Mary Corita Kent very interesting!

Try Alphonse Mucha 20th century

Or google "History of Silk Screen Printing"

Contemporary(living) screen printers should be easier. even try, psychodelic screen printers


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Screen Printing
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Screen printing involves pressing through a stenciled mesh to create a print design.
Screening has applications in many industries, and its popularity over the years has
continued to increase. Screen printing is also known as silk screen printing and Serigraphy.
The most popular screen printing material currently is paper and fabric, and with special ink,
it can be possible on metal, glass, plastic, and wood. The provision of vivid colors on darker
fabrics is one of the main reasons behind the use of the screen printing technique. In screen
printing, the ink is printed in an excellent even layer on the surface of the fabric or paper,
giving it a unique feel when touched. Design can also be reproduced over and over again in
screen printing. This is because the same stencil design can be reused for the production of a
similar product, especially in cases where multiple copies are required. With the use of
specialized equipment, the possibility of the creation of beautiful multi-colored designs is
possible, in art appropriation becomes possible, and the use of repetition too.
It is hard to imagine where humanity would be without screen-printing. Screening
can take two distinct forms, for it can be very complicated, simple, or can incorporate simple
outlays, or it may need sophisticated equipment with the production of one-offs or thousands
of items. Regardless of the scenario application, the usefulness of screen-printing is evident
in its continued application over hundreds of years, with its origin being traced further back.
The use of screen printing in modern times has shifted into a new gear with increased
acceleration in use. This is evident in the many goods we use and buy. These goods stretch
from promotional materials such as pens, umbrellas, and caps to electronic components. The
level of technological progress evident at the moment is quite promising to the screen
printing industry and art.


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