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  • Explain how ITPM best practices can facilitate process change within an organization. Determine if ITPM would be used differently depending upon the industry in which it was used. Explain your answer.

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ITPM can best facilitate process change within an organization by addressing the issues within various projects with the best and productive resources to support the overall business needs. In addition, ITPM sets the direction and the tone to expected positive execution not only to the number of projects but how the right projects will address the organizations needs in order to provide a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

I believe that ITPM process could be the same however, the approach maybe different due to the type of business and the priorities they have for the overall all goals of the organization. For example, I have worked for plastic company years ago and over the past fifteen years I have worked in a corporate environment in comparison the plastic company projects was not aligned with the resources that they implemented or allocated for the areas that could potential same time and money. When working in a manufacturing industry there are many products that are wasted and a higher turnover rate of employment that leaves the company a less productive state.

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